Email Hosting for Shopify Stores

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Hi all,

How do you currently handle your email accounts?

Shopify do not provide a hosted email service and offer a simple forwarding solution.  This often means sending email to customers from an address, or other unprofessional-looking email services.  Nothing kills credibility more than when a customer receives email from one of these services.

Today our app, Hosted Email, was approved to the Shopify App Store.  We make it quick and easy to set up email addresses so you can boost your credibility and maintain trust with customers, by sending email from your own domain. It takes minutes to set up, and we utilise a world-class email platform that we've been an officially approved reseller of for over a decade.  The app keeps management of your business grade email solution within the Shopify ecosystem, and has some great features.

App Store listing:

Any questions, please send them my way.