Email pop-up collection rates by condition

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Hi, I've been looking for an app that can tell me this, and after asking 4-5 and not finding any, I figured I would post here.

I'm looking for an email collection pop-up that will allow me to test various variants for different conditions, and tell me the sign up rate for each.  For example I would have an exit intent pop-up, and it would have 3 variants, of 5%, 10% and 15% off respectively, and then be able to tell me what % of people signed up who saw a variant.  I assumed this would be trivial, but none of the big ones offer it.


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

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Hello there! It's an interesting topic you've put up.


You are right that most apps out there (ours included) only allow for A/B testing with two variants.


As someone from a dev team, I would want to ask why do you wish to test three variants? More variants means more time  and more traffic needed for significant results to show up (if you don’t have enough of those, a test could take months or years to complete).

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Hello. I think we can help you out. Please check our website Kevy


Hi there, Sarosha here from Aiva :) 


Our app will definitely be able to help you create pop-ups and test multiple offers within minutes, for free. You'll be able to view the sign-up rate and more in our Analytics dashboard. 


You can get started by creating an exit offer and then setting up variants for different discounts (tutorial included below).


We're available on Live Chat if you have any questions!


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