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Hi all - I am looking for an alternative to Privy for just capturing new email signups.  

I love Privy's UI and especially love the fact that it doesn't have to automatically pop-up and annoy users but I can't take the lack of support and the $70p/m cost especially when I can't even work out how to send a one off email to a small segment of my customers. 


So the plan is to replace the email signup UI with something else and then reconsider the outbound email options as a separate task.


Any clues / recommendations. 



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Hi, @David_Renwick!

Julie, here from Shopify Support.

I totally agree with you that Privy has a great UI; it's one of our most popular apps and I believe that's largely to do with the user-friendly interface and the out-of-the-box installation. However, if you're getting a lot of pageviews, then Privy can be quite costly. I'd be happy to suggest a few alternatives. 

  • Email Pop Ups by Sitekit. Like Privy, this app allows you to add a pop-up to your online store to capture newsletter signups. They also have a number of templates so you can match it with your theme. It also offers direct integration with a number of email marketing apps like Klaviyo, Omnisend, Conversio, and more. You can check out this app's FAQ here.
  • Exit Intent Popup by OptiMonk. This app also has the ability to capture leads from Facebook Messenger. Like Privy, there are a few different triggering options so you can decide when and where the pop-up appears. It also includes a ton of different templates and integrates with Klaviyo and other marketing apps. The FAQ for this app can be found here.
  • WooHoo - Gamified Email Popups. This app allows you to use pop-up games to offer discount codes and free gifts. It also offers tons of customizations and allows you to choose when the pop-up is triggered. Like the other apps, this one also integrates with a number of different email marketing apps. You can check out this app's FAQ here.
  • Popup - Easy Free Popup. A unique feature with this app is that aside from the traditional email subscriber popups, it allows you to collect feedback in your popups with site surveys. You can also use this app to embed a countdown timer on your site and, like the others, it works well with email marketing apps. This app's FAQ can be found here

All of these apps have great reviews. If you ever require any assistance with these apps, or if you have any specific questions about them, you can always find the developers' contact information in the Support section on their app pages. 

Capturing customer information and building an email list is a great marketing tool and gives you plenty of opportunities to promote your products and keep your customers informed about your business. If you haven't already checked it out, I'd recommend reading our blog post, Email Marketing 101: How to Build Your List, Send Effective Campaigns, and Track Results. There's a ton of great tips in there on how to optimize your email marketing efforts with different tactics.

Are you currently using any other email marketing apps to stay in touch with customers, or have you been using Privy for your email marketing as well? If you are also looking for a new email marketing app, I'd be happy to suggest some. How big is your email list? What kinds of emails are you sending customers? How often are you wanting to reach out to them? I'm looking forward to hearing back from you. 

Julie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hey @David_Renwick,

Let me suggest to you OptiMonk as a Privy alternative. OptiMonk is a really great popup tool that actually offers more options than Privy. OptiMonk's editor gives you more flexibility, it also offers more sophisticated designs, and more triggering and targeting options. Not to mention that as your store starts to grow, you’ll notice that on average, OptiMonk is 3x cheaper than Privy.

See for yourself:

  • For 25,000 pageviews, Privy charges $70/month. OptiMonk charges $29/month.
  • For 100,000 pageviews, Privy charges $250/ month. OptiMonk charges only $79/month.

Here you can check out our comparison article that helps you understand how OptiMonk and Privy compare and where they differ.

The OptiMonk team