Error message: Liquid error: product form must be given a product

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Hi guys, 


I am trying to build a mono product website with GemPages but i have an error message: Liquid error: product form must be given a product.


I am not sure if it is from shopify back end or from Gempages but, I contacted the customer service at Shopify and no one was able to solve this. Gempages customer service is off at the moment (Lunar New Year holidays).


Does anyone had this issue and might know how i can fix this? I am using Debut theme and building a mono product on the home page.



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It must be an error from GemPages.

We can have a look at it if you want.

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Hi, I am also getting this error:


Liquid error: product form must be given a product


The context is - when searching for a product, it shows products & blogs in the search results & Iget the liquid error on the blog search result - which shouldn't be in there. Any thoughts ?