Error when Connecting PayPal Express

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I setup PayPal Express and got all the way through the process using my existing PayPal business acct email.
My first two customers who bought with PayPal generated an email from PayPal to my PayPal email account as follows:
Subject: "Don't forget to claim your money from [mycustomer name]"
"Hello paul@xxxxxx,
You've still got cash!
On Jan 26, 2021 you received $63.80 USD from [mycustomer] After you sign up for a PayPal account you will not only have access to the money sent by ...."
In my PayPal account there is no pending transaction.
In Shopify I have a message for this transaction that says:
Payment is pending - PayPal Express Checkout is still processing this order's payment. To make sure you get paid, wait for the payment to be successful before fulfilling this order."
Is there some setup required in my PayPal account to make this connection? 
Does it make any difference that the product ordered will not ship until this coming Saturday.
Would that make a difference?
I doubt it because Shopify is warning me NOT to ship until I have my money implying I could ship today without the funds.
Regardless, it's odd that PayPal apparently does not think I have a PayPal account, even though it is sending an notification email  to my valid PayPal email address...
Could it be I typed in a bad password when setting up Express and it can't connect to my account? 
Does it validate the PayPal login credentials when PayPal Express is setting up in Shopify?
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This is an accepted solution.

I figured this error out.

My PayPal email was never verified via PayPal.

It will let you operate an account without email verification.

However it apparently affects what happens when Shopify sends a PayPal Express connect to PayPal using an unverified email address. 

PayPal must do a lookup on it and see its not verified so it doesn't allow a 3rd party connection. 

Just go into your PayPal profile where the main account email and password are and see if it says "unverified" next to your email address.

There is a button there to trigger a verification. 

Once I verified, within seconds the pending Shopify transactions processed in PayPal.

Hope this helps someone else stuck in PayPal.