Excelify app becomes Matrixify

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Hello, all!

Just putting it our here that the Excelify app is being renamed to the Matrixify.
Our website is now: https://matrixify.app

In short, the reason for that change is because the "Excel" word is trademarked and it cannot be allowed in app titles. More about that here: https://matrixify.app/whats-new/excelify-name-changes-to-matrixify/
Thank you all thousand times for your amazing support in this transition, countless shoulder-taps. And for the storm of ideas for the new name... one of which we actually picked - because it so precisely tells what we do, even better than before. 🤪

The app stays the same - you do not have to do anything, it's just showing the different name on your store Apps list, and on the AppStore.
Also, as always we and our Support team is here for you to resolve any questions or issues you might have.


Matrixify (Excelify)

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