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I have a shopify store kindstore.com.au  we only just moved over to Shopify from CS Cart, launching in April. Moving over from CS Cart 2.0 we went a little nuts over all the apps! Now I need to streamline the apps down.

There are three apps that I really want to install that I would appreciate advice/feedback tips on which app would most suit our needs.

Exit Intent

I am looking for an exit intent app that 

1. Is Mobile Responsive

2. Customisable

3. Can capture email addresses

4. Can offer a discount code


Customer Review App

I am looking for a customer review app that can do the following:

1. Automatically send to customer after a period of time

2. Reviews be visable on website & moderated first

3. Nice but not essential ability to send a thank you email with discount code once the customer has replied


Email Sign Up Bar

I am looking for an email sign up bar that can do the following

1. We already have a promotional header bar as part of our website design - so the email sign up bar needs to appear at a certain time & disappear

2. Collect email address

3. Sync with mailchimp or have the ability to push emails to mailchimp

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read. If you have any tips on great apps for the above please let me know.


With Kindness

The Kind Store

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Hi Bianca,

For customer reviews, do check out the Kudobuzz Social Reviews app which has the feature to send out emails either after fulfillment or purchase at any time between 1-30 days, moderate and publish reviews on your site and ability to send a thank you discount code. It also comes with SEO rich features which will greatly enhance your site's visibility in search results.

SEO Doctor App (https://apps.shopify.com/kudobuzz-seo)
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Hi Bianca,

For "Exit Intent" you can use this app : https://apps.shopify.com/promotion-popup?ref=secomapp

It fit all your requirement !.

Home page: http://www.secomapp.com Or https://apps.shopify.com/partners/secomapp
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Hi Biance,

Here are a few recommendations:-)

  • Coupon Pop - Boost your web store’s conversion rate and increase your fan base and email lists by popping up special offers to your visitors your fans. You can download our Shopify app from here, it's a top app with more than 340 five stars reviews.
  • Exit Pop - Catch the 98% visitors that exit your store without purchasing, and convert them into paying customers. You can download our Shopify app from here
  • Traffic Booster - Let us drive thousands of targeted shoppers to your store. Our experts will set up your campaign and our algorithm will automatically optimize it by driving the right shoppers to your store. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly.

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Hi Bianca,

For your product review app please consider Judge.me Product Reviews.

We are 100% Shopify focused and can handle everything you ask for, although our coupon solution right now is limited to in-email coupons. Individualized, post-review coupons will come later.

We have a lot of features such as product groups, rich snippets, review pictures, etc. Please have a look at our landing page for a description and explanation of our benefits.

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Hey Bianca,

Loox - Visual Reviews helps you collect lots of customer reviews with photos on auto-pilot, and use them to drive more traffic, conversion and retention. Of course we support all usual functionality including social integration, in-line SEO, rich snippets, etc. We display reviews in a beautiful, visually stimulating gallery, which is especially important for fashion stores like yours!

Feel free to check out our app page and let us know if you have any questions! Happy to help :)


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Hi Bianca,

First of all good luck with the new Shopify store!
I'm part of StoreYa's team, we provide a marketing platform for small to medium business, and we support more than 130,000 merchants on a daily basis!

I highly recommend you to try our Exit Pop solution: https://apps.shopify.com/exit-pop
98% of your web store visitors abandon your store. 70% of them will NEVER RETURN. Exit Pop will help you convert those visitors into customers a second before they leave your store. 
It's a simple yet powerful app, which will help you grow your business!
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, I'll be happy to assist:-)

StoreYa - Automate Your Marketing Site - www.StoreYa.com
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Hello Bianca,

May I suggest you to use Segment.ly app that provides you with both of your requirements. You can create a wide range of campaigns (Discount popups, Topbar, Subscription popup, Smart discount campaigns, Social discounts) and setup view and target settings by enabling filters like Exit-intent, Geo-targeting, Platform, and much more features.