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Hi guys,


I'm searching for an app solution that can solve the following workflow for individual pod products:

Example: Individiual Tshirt with customers Text


The customers order can be exported as a folder with the order number (#1252)
The folder includes the following data:

- Productname

- Customer Text

- Customer Uploaded Image


Please help me solving this problem,

I don't want to hire 2 people only for creating folders and putting in the right files in the right folders...


Thanks to all

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It's much more common for apps to exports pdfs|spreadsheets, Afaik there's no single app off the shelf that will do that entire flow as described.

If your search doesn't turn anything up you'll need to stitch something togther from existing services|tools or make something custom to do it in bulk.


Export data -> excel|spreadsheet > apps like excelify or ez-exporter ,etc ; or manually export orders to excel or gsheets

Data transformation -> generate folders and files from rows ->  using excel vbscript for local desktop, or googlesheets script to  gdrive


You could contact apps like excelify or ez-exporter to see if they have a clear path to generating files


For the excel route try a marketplace like fiverr to get some vbscript made, or more advanced a cmd|powershell script , remember with backend data(like image urls)  whatever is fetching it needs to be authenticated 

For gdrive there's tools like zapier https://zapier.com/apps/google-drive/integrations/google-sheets/10232/create-new-google-drive-folder... or again finding someone to make a script to generate files and folders inside gdrive


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