Express Delivery - But only sometimes. Help?

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Okay, so this is my problem:

I want to offer my customers Local Delivery. which works great out of the box from Shopify.

BUT i also want to offer them a variant of Local Delivery, which is Express! - The customer gets the product within two hours.
However, this second variant should only be available for the customer to chose, when we in fact offer it. which would be between 10:00 and 16:00, Monday - Friday.
Outside this timeframe, the shipping option should be disabled.

The best solution i have found, would be to create a normal shipping profile with restrictions to the postal codes i offer express delivery to. and then enable and disable it manually.

Outside this, i have not found a solution

I looked at this app:

But it installs itself in the cart erea, which I find clumsy and confusing.

So, any ideas as to how i might be able to offer this express delivery, without having to enable and disable shipping profiles?