FREE pilot user opportunity for a new AI-based pricing tool

Shopify Partner
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We’re looking for (free) pilot users for our new AI-based pricing tool!

What do you get as our pilot user?

► You get the AI-based Sniffie pricing app for free for the first 6 months in exchange for feedback (and a hefty discount after that)
► On average, we can increase your profit margins by at least 5-10% during the first few months with no manual work whatsoever
► Easy onboarding: Plug the Sniffie app into your Shopify store, and we’ll take care of the rest

How is Sniffie different from other eCommerce pricing tools?

► Most pricing apps are based on manually set pricing rules which takes a lot of manual work. The Sniffie app is built on AI (more specifically reinforcement learning) which enables reliable & automatic price optimization & repricing with minimal historical transaction data and no external (competitor) data. More information here:
► The algorithm works by making small price changes and interpreting the changes in demand. This is how it tests the price elasticity of a product and finds the optimal price point where the profit margin is as high as possible.

Pilot user requirements:

► Business model DTC
► eCommerce platform Shopify
► Sales volume for optimized products should be at least 2/month
► You can and are willing to make small pricing adjustments on your online store (e.g., every two weeks – no need to change prices every day)
► Suitable for virtually all types of products, except for those with extreme price sensitivity (e.g. the newest iPhone)

Interested? Reply to this thread or email for more information about this opportunity. Also, feel free to share with anyone who could be interested!