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Hey guys,


I already have 3 weeks since I am trying to install a FB marketing bot / abandoned cart / messenger which should be compatible with Debut theme.

- I tried around 3 apps, have spent days on chat with each developer to figure out why the abandoned cart bot does not work

- I contacted Shopify support, Shopify themes team

with no positive result.

The chat plugin works, the opt in versions (pop-up, persistent widget, you name it...) are working properly. Sending coupons codes to subscribers.

Everything stops when I have an abandoned cart from a subscriber.

I have only an email abandoned cart sequence installed, but all developers said it is not the problem.

It may be a conflict with other apps, I re-installed my theme, all codes from other apps were deleted, tested again and same results. And even there's a conflict, nobody can identify which one...

Does anybody experience a similar issue with Debut theme, or somebody can recommend me an app which works for Debut and he is happy with the results? 

Any advise would be really appreciated



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Hello @katalin 


If an abandoned cart is the problem for you, I would suggest trying WhatsApp Message for abandoned cart feature.

WhatsApp has more reach than Facebook or email or SMS. Sounds Good?




  1. Order Confirmation = When Customer places an order
  2. Shipment Confirmation = When you generate the shipment
  3. Shipment Out for delivery = When Shipment is out for delivery
  4. Shipment delivered = When Shipment is delivered
  5. Order Refund = When Admin Refunds to Customer
  6. Abandoned Cart = When Customer Leaves the Shop without Purchase
  7. Review Request = Ask For Product Review to Customer
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You can try this Facebook Chat app. It has the feature Abandoned cart message. It will send messages to customers' Messenger if they abandon any products in the cart.