Facebook Integration Mess!

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I had successfully imported our shopify inventory into Facebook a few days ago and tried to use that to import our store into Instagram. The problem was that Facebook Business Manager wasn't registering that our product "catalog" in the Facebook store was an actual "catalog", and that is what prevented me from integrating Instagram. I ended up deciding to start the Facebook integration process all over again, so I disconnected my FB account from our shopify account.


I re-signed in and attached our FB page just like before, except Shopify gave me new pop-up messages on my Home page for errors regarding FB integration. They say "Facebook Marketing is not connected to a Business Manager. Connect a Business Manager." and "Facebook Shop is not connected. Select a Facebook Page to use this sales channel." In addition, my Facebook Channel says our shop is "in review" (taking longer than the 1st time around to go through) and that our Facebook Shop is being set-up. The first time I did this process, our store was approved over night. This time is taking much longer and I feel like I'm being bombarded with a bunch of errors that weren't there before.


Does anyone have any idea what's going on? I need help diagnosing the problem. Perhaps I just need to wait for Shopify to review and the system catches up?