Facebook Pixel Questions

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In your experience how has Facebook Pixel hurt or helped your store?

Does it decrease loading times at all?

Does it cost anything to add into your store, I have not been able to find a clear answer. 


Thank you in advance!


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I have been using Trackify X and my pixel never hurts - With Trackify X- facebook pixel app for Shopify you will be able to use data for better decision making because of better reporting and have access to much clearer information. You can conveniently manage as many pixels as you want and optimize them for custom pixel events and custom pixel event parameters.


With Trackify X, you are in control of your pixel and are in charge of where and when pixel fire.


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@eliasjaxson0001 wrote:

I have been using xxx and my pixel never hurts...

Do you think that spamming your app on the forums adds to customer trust, or detracts from it? All your posts are pushing this app so it's very clear that you have biased motivations. What would add trust is giving advice and help to those that ask without expecting something in return. That's the kind of community we try to build on the forums

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Hi Friends,
I have an issue regarding ”thank you” -page. How you have managed to put Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics & Ads -code to thank you page. I have a Contact Us -page and I want to track my contacts with Pixel & Analytics.
I think it would be better that after clicking ”send message” it redirects to separate thank you page where I can add the codes. 
  • How have you done this - is there free Apps to create that one page?
  • Or have you created a one page and modified the code that it send to client to ”Thank you” -page after they submit the message?
  • I don’t have products in my "store" - I only use Shopify for ”website"