Facebook connecting account error message: Please approve all required permissions


ok, this didn't work for me the first time, I ended up going into facebook and deleting shopify as they direct to do, then you have to go to your facebook page (that you want you store to connect too) click the shop button and it asks you to give all the permissions you need. then go back to your store, and connect your facebook again and it should work!

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Nope. Didn’t work
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We've had this issue for 2 months now.  Just spoke to support and they are 'working on it"  No time frame for a fix.  This is a nightmare and I am ready to contact an attorney.  This is the kind of stuff class action lawsuits are made of.  Anyone?

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SHOPIFY SORT THIS OUT!!!! I have been having this issue for 2 days now and I'm wasting so much time trying to sort it out but with no luck.

Please help straight away


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I am having the same isssue, if this is my trial they certain failed

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I keep getting the attached error everytime I try connect to my page.
oddly, it was all working, I had a shop, the feed was working then today, everything on shopify including my google merchant account disconnected, and my shop and facebook cataloge was GONE!


How do I fix the below. I tried to connect to a few pages I manage and it has the below error on every one. I am admin on all my pages, they all have shops.

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