Facebook links suddenly disconnected

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I just had two separate sites that lost the link to their facebook accounts yesterday. Did this happen to anyone else?

Now I can't reconnect, it just keeps telling me I am not an admin and it can't find the pages. Sometimes it'll let me select the business manager account for the account, sometimes it just goes straight to telling me I have no available pages. Could it possibly be because I have separate shopify accounts that I am the facebook admin on?  


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I had the same problem too. The fix for the notification you are getting is to go to your Facebook Business Manager, and for your Page, check the Business Settings > Assigned Assets and make sure that Manage Jobs and View Earnings Insights are turned off. Having those on assigns you as a Job Manager instead of an Admin but if you turn those off, Facebook will make you an Admin again. 


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However, it's all good for awhile but just recently I am getting disconnected again. It no longer gives me the error about the admin, it doesn't give me any error except to say that my Facebook Shop is disconnected and I'll have to reconnect again which works for a day or two and then disconnects again. 


Remember to reconnect your Instagram Shop too after you connect your Facebook. Hope this helps with the error you are getting.