Fake App reviews

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If you are buying an app because you read all all good reviews on the app page? Don't!

Almost 90% of these reviews are fake. I am in the middle of switching my store to shopify, I spend a lot of time on app marketplace and it's really annoying to read very similar reviews for different apps. Probably fiverr or friends.

Reviews are basically a summary of the app description and how great their customer support is. When you check these reviewers website, Either the store is locked or going to a website not exist anymore.

I don't want to expose any seller here but fells like there are no apps without fake reviews on the marketplace... 

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yeah, I've noticed the same thing.

I'm weary to add any apps that are all 5 stars.  There's no way everyone loves the app so much that they gave it 5 stars.  Even people who love something won't always give it 5 stars.

I'd recommend trying to contact the app developer to see what else they've done.  If they seem legit, go ahead and download the app.  Unless it's a paid app, then they'll just spin sories of glory to you until you buy lol.




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I'm not that familiar with how the app marketplace works.

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Best way to spot a legit review is to click the store name and browse around. If it seems like an active store, the review is most likely genuine. If the store is inactive (locked / under construction) - disregard the review. If most reviews are from inactive stores, move on to the next app.

But don't automatically assume every 5 star review is fake, or assume that if a certain app has many 5-star reviews, they are faking them. Spend 1-2 more minutes on researching the reviewers, so you don't miss out on the really great apps out there.




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I agree with Yoni, please rely on the number of reviews as well as try to browse the store by clicking its name. App develpopers can not leave many fake reviews because they might have just some stores. And actually, app reviews give a lot of insights which you might have as well, they are very useful.

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Yes, of course that many apps have legitimate reviews.

However, the point here is that many other apps have fake reviews (hundreds of them) and there's no easy way for a merchant to know it. And these apps are usually featured on the Shopify App Store frontpage.

App develpopers can not leave many fake reviews because they might have just some stores.

They can create fake stores, write the reviews and abandon the stores. Indeed, they can hire third-party services to write reviews for them, in the same way you can hire Facebook likes or Twitter followers.


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I am not sure how fake reviews can be posted because to posta  review, the reviewer should have a paid shopify store and used the app into it. So to post fake reviews, reviewr have to wsignup for paid shopify plan and I dont think any fiverr or other such platform can provide fake review service.

We have also launched an app few months back and I know how hard it is to get reviews.

We provide support to our users and then at end ask them to write a review, and only a few people write review.

See this app for example: https://apps.shopify.com/instagram-feed

This app has more than a thousand users but only 75 users wrote review. If fake reviewes were possible, we might be able to get 1000+ reviws. 

Suggestion  - If you want to use any app, check if the app has more than 10 reviews or not. You can judge based on those 10 reviews because adding a couple of fake reviews is possible but more than that is not possible.


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> So to post fake reviews, reviewr have to wsignup for paid shopify plan

So you tried, didn't you?

> If fake reviewes were possible, we might be able to get 1000+ reviws. 

Ok, I get it. If fake review were possible, you would have written 1000+ fake reviews.


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In my opionen (I'm an app develper myself) I would have a look at the length and content of the reviews (quality vs. quantity). Often there are 5* reviews like "Great app", "Looks good so far", "Will test it" and so on. Such reviews are probably "buyed" by offering a free month of usage or something similar (even though this is forbidden as written in the shopify terms). Honest reviews often contain some longer description with some infos about the pros/cons/support