Feed Errors - Shopify X Google Merchant (Urgently)

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We are having problems with our Google Merchant Center Product Feed due to the lack of GTIN in our listings, however, on other platforms simpler than Shopify, we just select the type of product that is properly indexed and recognized in the Merchant Center and displayed Within Google Shopping.

Here are some prints that show a case that illustrates this well:

-> Google Doc with detailed error and images

In these prints you can see that even without GTIN, the products are properly indexed without errors and very well recognized in Google Shopping.


The system creates a random GTIN that impairs performance on Google Shopping.

It marks the Identifier exists as TRUE.

Place the Brand with the name of the Store and not the name of the Manufacturer or Distributor of the product.

You do not have the option of Online Only.

In Procuct Type the right would be to be in PC and not Computer Games, but even changing manually to PC, it does not correctly index in Google Shopping and does not display in the results area grouped as in the case shown of the other platform that was a game for Playstation 3. (No print to see the group well with the results of Playstation 3.)


We will not post the print with the result on Google Shopping because we've turned off the campaign. But it was being displayed outside the groups related to our product and with many wrong or missing data.

How can we resolve these issues and upload our Product Feed to Google Merchant Center without errors? Our products DO NOT have GTIN because they are DIGITAL products, so manufacturers have already informed us that it is not possible to provide the GTIN. We can not in any way be harmed by the system being "restricted" only to those who provide all information.

We can not tell you whether the responsibility of solving this problem lies with the shopify or google app platform, and we look forward to a return from you.

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@Yiazmat, Shopify's Google Merchant integration doesn't work correctly in many cases. There is an alternate method which you can use for this purpose.

You can create a collection template to list the products in Google feed XML format and link it in your Google Merchant center.

Drop me a mail if you require more details - hymnz(at)outlook(dot)com

I make apps and can help you in setting up payment gateways..
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Hey, you can use Google Shopping Feed App by AdNabu for setting up your feed in the merchant center. Most of the tasks are automated and easy, it will save a lot of your time and efforts. It will also take care of your current issue. 

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