Feedback about documentation

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Hi Shopify staff
Often I find myself struggling to create something after reading the documentation on because I lack some previous knowledge, specially things related to backend, polaris and other middleware/tool etc.

As a programmer it's really hard to keep up with all the technologies that emerge everyday, and starting to code for shopify has been a big struggle for me, and it still is sometimes, even though much less as time passes and I get acquainted with this entire ecosystem.

I had an idea that may be helpful to other developers in my situation.
What about if the pages on could have some widget (similar to the *was this page helpfull* at the bottom) where the shopify dev community could flag that page as "more reading may be required on this topic" and extend the documentation ourselves, either by submitting links for relevant recommended reading or even sending sample code variations or something, either through github links, gists and what not.
The reason I say that is, apart from obvious state above already, that sometimes I read the documentation and still have questions and don't know where to start searching about the topic.

The current experience of reading the docs -> testing -> failing -> coming to community portal not always solves the problem or get the answers needed, sometimes also googling the topic can introduce a lot more information that can be confusing and all we need is a code snippet to understand how to structure something or how something works in detail.

Just my 2 cents about trying to get this whole ecosystem even more awesome.
If it's not clear yet, my feedback is: it is not that easy to migrate to this universe even for an experienced dev if you don't already have the prior knowledge needed and don't have all the time to research from scratch