[Feedback needed] Automatically collect your marketing data and track your ROAS/CPA/Revenue

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Hey Folks!

I am doing some freelance for a Direct-to-Consumer brand that is running well. They’ve developed their own internal tool to automatically collect data from their acquisition channels (paid ads on FB/IG/Google/YouTube/Snap, referral, CRM, affiliation…), monitor in real-time their ROAS/CPA/Revenue from their performance marketing and automate their marketing reporting.

They also use it to track their daily/weekly/monthly revenue goals, identify their highest ROI channels, and establish accurate sales and revenue forecasts. 

They used to switch to 10 different platforms to track and report the data. They now rely on one single source of truth where they can independently explore and analyze all their acquisition and marketing data to run their business.

I am curious: Is it something you actually need and would pay a subscription for? It seems like there are very few alternatives in the Shopify App Store and I am starting to think that this could be a great plugin idea to develop (I have the time and resources), but I want to make sure there’s a real need first