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I am looking for feedback from shopify store owners on a new promotional platform that our startup is building.

1. Is anyone interested in giving some feedback before launch?

2. Or how do you go about getting feedback from shopify store owners before launch?





- It is best to go through the forum and ask the store owners individually.
- But you can also browse and search the Internet for supply and demand for the product you want to build, look for competitors and test your hypothesis that it will be in demand.

- But you can also tell in more detail about what you want to do, how it will be useful to store owners, what they will get from your product and then from those who would like to use your product theoretically, ask if they are willing to pay for it . I am more inclined towards this option since it is real and consistent from supply to demand.

Good luck in your business)!


romchy | Application consultant
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