Feedback please - Elegant Announcement

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I'm a new developer to Shopify. I create a few weeks ago 


I would like to give LIFETIME access to anyone for useful feedback... 


I just would like to know is my app interested for Shopify stores or not

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This is an accepted solution.



Having access the promotion from little side tab is a neat idea. The side tab for promotion and where its sits it noticeable but not in the way of other products. Would there be a way to change the color of the present box, For those website who have a similar color background as the box. Where does the information come from, is it a fill in? I personally would like the gradient to go a little farther but it still does a nice job of showing the promotion with out taking away from the products. Also, having accesses to it even when you switch pages is nice. Is that only for show or will the promotion box stay that way.

It's a job well done.