Filter products based on multiple product variant values

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Hi Shopify Community! I have a nice puzzle for you, hope you like it!


We are an outlet clothing store from the Netherlands, offering clothes from different brands to our customers. The thing is, every brand has its own size-system, putting sizes either in years/months or in UK, EU or US sizing steps. We would like to provide filter options that groups certain size-values together. However, for some filter-options we have to reuse size-values in order to provide a broader selection of products. Here is an example:


Filter option: newborn

Product variant "Size" with values: "newborn", "baby-onesize", "50", "56".

Filter option: 0 - 6 months

Product variant "Size" with values: "baby-onesize", "56", "62".

You see that "baby-onesize" and "56" are reused in both filter-options. Does someone know if there is an app that is able to build these kind of filters? We tried quite some filter apps, but maybe we didn't find the right settings to accomplish what we are looking for. And just a remark, we don't use product tags. This is too hard to maintain, since we are an outlet store with very low inventory numbers.