Finding an app for tracking the returnable packaging/containers service

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Hi, I'm running a shop on Shopify now and I have a question about the extension/application that can track my packaging.


For now, most of my products will be delivered (by myself) to the customers in returnable containers/packaging such as milk in a glass bottle or yogurt in a jar.

When they finish, they can notify me, via any channels like FB/e-mail/phone call, and then I'll pick the container up at their doorsteps.


The thing is, sometimes, I forgot how many bottles/boxes they got from me so that I lost a lot of containers.
I think it would be very useful if there is an app that can track my containers, notify me and the customers about the return, etc. (I'll be very thankful if anyone has the recommendation about this service, I'm still new and make a lot of mistakes until now)


I'm not sure if I explained it clearly or not but hope to get the advice from you all