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We installed an app called EasyLockdown app to hide the prices on our store called More Core Distribution and it seemed to work fine, but then one day Firefox started crashing each time I tried to open the theme to work on the website. The support from EasyLockdown app assured me the problem did not come from the app but from Firefox not connecting to the domain of our website.

I have cleared browsing data, reinstalled Firefox and made sure I am using the latest version.

I have uninstalled the app.

I have checked internet connection and diffrent computers and phones as well on mobile data.

Our website loads perfectly on Chrome and Safari, but Firefox still crashes and it does not display the actual website properly.

I have read multiple forums and found one that suggested there might be an error inside the coding of our website and Chrome and Safari ignores this error but FireFox does not.

Can someone please help?

Will be much appreciated,


Thank you!



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Include a link to your store ;)





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