Fixed cost product packages/bundles with ability to choose products.

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We sell salami and other charcuterie products. We like to offer 4, 6, and 8 packs of salami where users can choose which salami they want in the package. If they select the 4 pack, they're required to choose 4 salami, no more or less.

Example from our current site:

I know there are bundle apps but they all seem to be based on discounts, price breaks, and product bundle recommendations. I haven't found an app to replicate this. 

I understand people can add several single products to the cart but the owner likes this option so I'm checking what's possible. 




Yes, bundles app is usually divided into 2 types: preset vs build-your-own. The mainstream is preset. For build-your-own, they are more focused on upselling. Recently, Shopify has released a subscription feature so most app developers are busy working on it. 

My app can help to set up 4-pack or 8-pack in 2 ways:

  1. Set a 0% discount for any 4 products in a collection
  2. Set a price-tag discount, e.g. $39.96 for 4 x $9.99 products

I've just helped a smoothie company to set up a similar pack. There are 5 - 10 orders per day so I think it works quite well. If you don't have a special requirement on fulfillment, it should be good. My user is using ShipStation with a fulfillment company so it's a bit difficult to handle the order format

If you are still interested after 3 months, you can have a try. You can refer to my signature for my app. I'm not going to post the link otherwise Shopify is going to ban my account soon. 

Also, my app has launched a few weeks so the theme compatibility may be so good. It's free and please give me any feedback.

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