Fixed prices and quantities, with maximum of 2 per order?

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I'm trying to develop a website that sells tours. For each tour, the customer can buy a single seat for themselves, or a ticket for two (no more). The singles ticket has one price, and the couples ticket has a different price (usually a discount). Also, the tour has a maximum capacity, which I figure can be controlled by the overall tour/product quantity. What is the best way to set this up? Is it through variants, or do I need a special app? 

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I’m Lizzy, a Guru on Shopify’s support team.


There are a few ways you may be able to set this up depending on how you'd like your store to work. Will you be selling multiple tours at once or focusing on just selling seats for one tour?


If you're only selling tickets for one type or price of tour you can set up your tickets to all be single tickets. Then you can create an Automatic Discount that applies when two tickets are added to the cart. This way your inventory will always be correct, and customers will still be able to purchase two tickets at a discount.


Another option would be to create variants for single passengers and couples tickets. You can split the number of available seats on the tour into the two categories. For example if the tour has 10 spots, you could have 6 single tickets for purchase and 2 couples tickets. Then as spots are bought, you can adjust the inventory numbers to keep availability open. This does require a fair amount of manual tweaking, and would work best for smaller tour groups and less tour options.


With these options, if you're wanting to limit your customers to a maximum of two tickets, you may want to use an order limiter on your store. These are apps that allow you to set limits on the number of a products a customer can purchase at one time. This page here has some examples.


Alternatively you could use a product options app to create custom settings on you products. Many have the option to add inventory numbers and adjust costs based on your settings! I've linked a few different options below.


Infinite Options
Infinite Product Options
Bold Product Options
Advanced Product Options


When you've got everything ready to go, what sort of marketing plans do you have for your site. Is this a tour business that you're already running?


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