Flying Cart - Slide Cart Drawer

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Flying Cart - Slide Cart Drawer is developed by Apps on Demand.

When using our app your store's current cart page gets replaced by Best Flying Cart - Slide cart which adds more worth to a store by providing a quick view of customers cart, allow them to one click checkout and increase your conversion rate.


Animate checkout button to grab customer's attention and fulfill the basic requirement of your store to place orders.


  • View Cart items on same page in cart drawer without going to cart page.
  • Automatic Cart Refresh.
  • Update cart in means of quantity, removing the product and many other features from Cart Drawer or Popup.
  • Automatic display of cart drawer or popup as the product is added to cart.
  • Animated checkout button to focus on sales conversions.
  • Customize Cart drawer or popup looks as per your theme color scheme.
  • 100% mobile-friendly.
  • Applies to all products on Homepage, Collection, and Products.
  • Cart notes
New Features:
  1. Upsell Module
  2. Promo Box (Discount box)
  3. Free Shipping Progress Bar
  4. I Agree To Cart Terms


Please check our app and provide us an opportunity to assist you with this app services.


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