Form with multi language support

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I have a shop with a contact form for getting estimates and we want to add multiple languages to our shop.

Apps like Weglot and Langify works great with whole site but it does seem to connect with 3rd party apps like Powr forms.


Anyone know a work-around?  

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Hi Comotion,


Eugene from the Weglot Translate App team. Happy to help you with this.


What do you mean by "connect"? Do you mean translate the form? Weglot should work with any app. It might be a content detection problem if the content is dynamic (added via JavaScript for example). You can specify dynamic content (by #id or .class) inside your Weglot app to translate them.


Or do you want to collect the language of the user filling in the form? If so, we should be able to find a solution too. Could you contact with an example?


Thanks Eugene