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This seems odd... since you pay for clicks on products from Google, why would you want to advertise products that have stock.  We never send products to Google unless there is stock.

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I am testing the Google Shopping App, but I noticed one thing and I am not sure if it's only happening to my installation or to everyone else -- after I "Duplicate" a product, I noticed that the newly created product has the same metafield "google.gmc_id" value as the original product. However, products that I created without duplication does not has the same value.

My question is, what is the metafield for and where does the value come from (the first part of the id appears to be the product id, but I have no idea where the second part of the number comes from)? And, if my experience normal? If yes, how would 2 products with the same "google.gmc_id" affect the feed being sent to Google Shopping? If no, how could I fix that?

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Hi Kam,

That metafield is used internally and you shouldn't concern yourself with it. FYI your duplicated products will end up with a different ID once they are published since merchant center requires a unique ID for each item.