Free app to allow Affiliates to track number of sales with their discount code

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I run my business on Instagram. I started an affiliate program by sharing custom discount codes to each person/influencer that they can share with their network.


Basically, the discount code gives the influencers' network 10% off our products, and in return I pay the influencer a commission for every sale made with his discount code.


Is there a free app, to mainly just allow influencers to track and see how many orders were made using his/her code?


Instead of me going to the Discounts page, check how many times it's used, screenshot and share it. 


Thank you

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I haven't' used it, but have a look at Shout Out. It isn't free. It's $39 a month, but has good reviews. Are you seeing good results from this strategy? I'm just looking at doing this myself.