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Why pay for the apps that are available for free?


My name is Lucas Szarzynski and I'm the author of the Sellfino Open Source Shopify App Store. It is platform with free apps for Shopify and framework for developing custom ones.

Here is the link to the GitHub:

I implemented this master app (actually, alternative Store) because I wanted one framework for developing custom apps quickly and give them added value according to my development services. Now everyone can use it for their own purposes.

My vision is to build together FREE alternative to Shopify Store - no monthly payments, full customization, full control and big value!

Here is the list of current and upcoming apps:

- Out of Stock Manager - Let your customers know when out of stock products are available again

- Metafields Editor - Edit metafields for products, collections, store and more

- Zero Stock to Hide - Hides products from your store automatically when out of stock

- Low Stock Watcher - Automate email alerts for low stock products

- Pre-Order Creator - Manage pre-order & coming-soon products

- 3D Rotate - Display full perspective of the product in your theme

- FAQ for Products - Let your customers ask questions and manage the answers

- Loyalty Program - Reward your customers with discounts and other bonuses




Open Source Shopify App Store -
Free apps ready to download on GitHub

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