Free store audit and BI report, showing your store's strengths and weaknesses

Hi everyone,

As part of our contribution to the e-commerce community, we recently released in our app a FREE store audit & BI report.

The report includes more than 20 KPIs, insights, and recommendations that help you understand your store's strengths and weaknesses, and optimize marketing efforts to grow your revenue based on your store data.


Did I mention it's free of charge?

You can install the store audit & BI report by clicking here:




What is included in the report:

  • KPI Analysis
    1. Revenue
    2. Orders
    3. Customers
    4. Products
    5. Average order value
    6. Customer lifetime value
    7. Average orders per customers
    8. Average products per order
    9. Repeat customer rate
    10. Repurchase frequency 
  • Insights
    1. Customer segments
    2. Product segments
    3. Customers pareto
    4. Products pareto
    5. Repeat customer revenue portion 
    6. Revenue distribution by month
    7. Top locations by revenue
  • Recommendations
    1. KPIs to Improve
    2. Advertising plan to improve each KPI
    3. Projected revenue growth of the recommendations



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