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I'm looking for an app similar to Frequently Bought Together, where I can uppsell compatible accessories with my products. The mentioned app seems great but I need a feature where I can manually create "bundles" of products and then add them to specific products.

For example, lets say I have 3 "bundle groups": 

  • Bundle 1 - Has 3 products that I manually choose 
  • Bundle 2 - Has 3 other products that I manually choose 
  • Bundle 3 - Also has 3 products that I have manually chosen 

For each of these bundles I would like to be able to add a list of "compatible products". So Bundle 1 is shown on 200 products, and Bundle 2 is shown on 100 different products and Bundle 3 on 350 other products etc.

I only seem to find apps where "frequently bought together" products are either chosen automatically or manually attached directly to a product, and in my case I have to go into thousand of products and add them one by one.

I hope my explanation is somewhat understandable, otherwise let me know and I try to be more specific :).

Greatful for app recommendations that will help me solve my problem!



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hi guy, i am now an App developer of Shopify, i am so excitied to introduce my app. i think its advatage might be a solution for you. 

   Unlimited orders, unlimited views.

   2 new upsell template every week.

   All upsell types in One app.

   Create individual or brand upsell template.

Try to take advantages of this app( Highly recommended) to upsell- Cross sell more products. Your customers would CLICK to all offers in your Website.

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Simile is a developer that makes app such as Smart Bundles, Smart Personalization, Similar Upsell, Visual Search. 

With Simile’s Smart Bundles your shoppers will be incentivized to purchase more products with relevant bundled suggestions. By grouping additional recommendations along with enticing discounts and promos - your store can significantly increase average order values, resulting in increased conversions and revenues.

Key Benefits

  • Smart & Personalized Bundles
  • Fully Customizable
  • 100% Automated

Smart & Personalized Bundles:

Our AI technology uses various sources of data to create personalized bundles that will resonate with your customers. The bundles generated by our AI are continuously optimized to more accurately reflect your customers preferences.

Fully Customizable:

Simile Smart Bundles app is fully customizable. You have the option to manually create any bundle of your choice in just a few easy steps.

100% Automated:

Offer smart and personalized product bundles without lifting a finger. After installation, Simile will automatically sync and bundle your products based on various sales and behavioral data.

Boost Sales & Revenue:

Offering personalized, relevant, and incentivized product recommendations is proven to result in increased average cart values, conversions as well as revenues.

World-Class Support Team:

Our team is happy to help you get the most out of our apps. Whether you need custom design or any specific additional features: our team will be ready to assist you via email.

Our additional plans provide further customization options.

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I am after a similar app.  Have you found a solution to this?

Many thanks.