Frontend App - Select variations after add to cart pressed

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Is there any type of  app out there that would do the following?


  1. A product has variations (I am using another variation app but forget this for now)
  2. A customer wants to buy 5 of these products
  3. They select quantity of 5 and press Add to cart.
  4. A new screen appears which allows them to choose the variations for each of those 5 products, one at a time.
  5. Once all varations on each product have been selected, they end up on the Cart screen.
  6. And instead of one producted listed with a quantity of 5, there are 5 separated products in the cart with their own variations.

Anyone seen anything like this?



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Never seen one with that flow. Can see how theme modifications would get you there however.
Something you're looking to build as an app?

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Hey Jason


All I can say is that if this was an available app (which worked regardless of how the variations are generated, so you could be using an app like BOLD Product Options) then that would provide a lot of value and add exceptional user experience to a shop like mine where we make personalised items