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I'm looking for a B to B (business to business) solution but more for Shopify.  More like Shopify to Shopify.  I'm looking for an easy way to integrate with other shopify stores that I supply product to.  When my "Retailer A" gets an order from their "Customer B" the products that i need to fulfill flow into my shopify.. or any other platform I can manage it.  I want to be able to fulfill the product and update Customer B's line items as fulfilled with the tracking number.

I was hoping my shipstation app could handle this but it cant as it would need admin privledges to connect another shopify store.  I don't want to ask my customers to have to give me full access to their store to add my app.  I was thinking something more along the lines of customers creating their own "private app" and sending me the private app's API info that I can plug in.  Anyone have any solutions for something like this?

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Hi Robert, 

We have a solution that sounds like a good fit for what you're after. We at Syncio have implemented a feature that allows "Customer B's" order from "Retailer A" to be pushed into your Shopify orders page to fulfil directly. The order from Retailer A will appear like an order that has come from your own website. All you have to do is fulfil the order like any other order you receive. 

If you have agreed a commission or wholesale rate with Retailer A then Syncio can take that into account too when calculating the order value that comes back to you.

We offer a 7 day free trial so feel free to install and test out Syncio's capabilities. I'm happy to help with anything else. 



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Hi Robert, 

Nick here from Shopify. 

Good question. After reading your post I was wondering if the Wholesale Lock Manager app could work for you. Its function would enable you to select the customers who you'd like to receive access to your protected content and send them the password. Also, you can set locks by granting access to customers with specific tags or entering their specific emails. You can see the app in the Shopify app store from the link here as well as other wholesale apps here

If the wholesale app system doesn't work for you, it might be worth exploring with a Shopify Expert to have something custom made for you. This is something which is very customized and will require an app or something to be made for you, so these are definitely the best options for you to explore here. 

Hope this helps and don't hesitate to ask should you have any other questions. 

All the best, Nick

Nick | Community Moderator @ Shopify
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