Fulfilling Orders from 2 Different Countries (US and Canada) Through Same Website

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Does anyone have any suggestions as to the best way to fulfill orders from 2 different countries (US and Canada) through a single site?


This is the setup I'm considering:


  • Orders come in through a single website (e.g. acme.com)
  • If order is from US > send order to Shipbob > Fulfill with US warehouse
  • If order is from Canada> send order to Shipstation > Fulfill with our own Canadian warehouse

Can Shipbob and Shipstation apps be connected to the same store and work okay?

Can I get Shipbob to only import US orders, and Shipstation to only import Canadian orders?


Or is there any other setup that would be more ideal?



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That sounds like a reasonable approach to me.


For the details about both of those apps I would ask them.


To give you some idea here's my preferred setup:

- store inventory in US Amazon warehouses, use Amazon FBA to fulfill orders on Amazon and Shopify USA customers.

- use a fulfillment company or do in-house for international orders (volume dictates the use of a 3rd party fulfillment center or not).

- I've also ran a setup where inventory is stored in Amazon CA and UK, and fulfill orders in those regions from those fulfillment centers.


Shopify has a fulfillment program as well, I think if you're doing 10+ orders a day you can apply for that.


With any solution you choose, I would have a single website. I've seen regional based websites do well, but with a single website you collect all your links and traffic in a single spot. It's easier to manage and will have stronger SEO.



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