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Hello! I'm a fly tyer selling on Shopify, and I'm hunting for an app that'll help me keep count of the products that need to be fulfilled. It's much easier in my process when I can knock out a single product across all orders, rather than filling each order individually.

I'm hunting for an app that can keep track of the number items I need across all orders. This seems incredibly simple to me, and it may just be my unfamiliarity with Shopify, but I can't seem to find an app that does this. It's very tedious keeping a spreadsheet and having to pick through constantly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey Sorelfly,


I think this app is what you're looking for:






I've never used the app, personally, so I'm not sure if it will list all individual SKU's that need to be fulfilled, but it will at least allow you to bulk-fulfill specific SKU's in one-go, rather than having to go into each individual order, one at a time, and looking for a specific product. 


Hope this helps! :)

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