Further explanation of limitations and differences of the App Types?

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The dev page for the different app types Public, Custom, Private lists some bullet points that set them apart, but it doesn't describe all the limitations or differences: https://shopify.dev/concepts/apps


For example, it doesn't say what Private apps can't do, such as:

- Can't use App Extensions, App Proxy, or be embedded

- Can't use the API Health report

- (Anything else I haven't discovered yet?)


For Custom app type it doesn't say it can't:

- Be converted into a sales channel

- (Anything else I haven't discovered yet?)


For Public app type, it doesn't say it can:

- Be converted into a sales channel (for both published and unpublished?)


Also, is the only difference between a published/listed Public app vs an unpublished/unlisted Public app is it's discoverable in the App Store? Could the docs break out those two types Public apps?


Could the docs be updated to be more explicit about these various limitations and differences?


A potentially better way to view that info would be a table or list, 3 columns (Public, Custom, Private), and each row is a feature, with a checkmark or cross (and subscript for special limitations, such as a difference between Public published/unpublished).