GemPages inserting it's own JSON-LD??

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Hey all and @Seal_Commerce 

There's an issue with JSON-LD appearing in my GemPages

It seems to be inserted into all of the auto-generated product.gem-XXXXXXXX-template.liquid files: 


I can't figure out how this (ld+json) is getting in there inside of what appears to be the "editor" and/or how to turn it off. 

This is a problem because I already have a good JSON-LD setup and this is causing duplication and is low-quality

I have logged a ticket with them, but thought I'd post here in case anyone has come accross the same issue.

Any ideas?

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Hi my friend,

I understand that you want to disable json product data on your product page, am I correct?

You could try put this code into your theme.liquid, before close body tag </body>, and try to publish your template from GemPages editor again

window.gfDisableSchema = true


I hope this tip will help you to solve this query, my friend.

Please let us know how it goes.