Good shopping - Good feed issues? Please can someone help me!

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Ok so everything was going great until google recently crawled my website again and now I have issues which is affecting my sales dramatically!

Any google / shopify wizards that can help me out? help me understand better whats gone wrong? What I am doing wrong? Need to change?


Even though my items were set to custom now I am having GTIN errors, aggregate review? reviews? 


my domain is

Also attached a photo too!


Thanks fo anyone who looks and helps :o)!!!!google 10.06.2020 2 (2).jpg

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1) Make sure to add bar codes to your products. This is in reference to product identifiers

2) Start collecting reviews. When you do, this resolves reviews and aggregatedRatings issue

3) If after adding bar codes, and they do not show up in the structured data. You can check using the link below.

Then cleanup your structured data coding, and install the one I created which is complete:

Hope this helps.

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Hi, I can understand that managing your feed can be overwhelming, we have developed this app, Easy Google Shopping Feed App by AdNabu on Shopify to make things easier. 

We have tried developing features that will help you with your GTIN, barcode related issues. You can also bulk edit your products and remove the other warnings you have. We are also working on other features.  Please let me know your feedback. 

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