Google - Account suspended due to policy violation: Insufficient contact information

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I have tried to link Google shopping to my shopify account. 


Otherwise we only have a fdorm as the primary form of contact. 


Google said they needed an address, phone number or email loctaed on the website in order to link our shop. So I have included a contact email and phone number on my website in our T&Cs :


I have now been notified: 

Merchant Center account suspended
  • Account suspended due to policy violation: Insufficient contact information

A policy violation could have occurred before Google Shopping was installed.
To resolve a policy violation, contact Google from within your Merchant Center account. Once your account is restored, refresh account status.


How do I resolve this, where should i add ocntact details. I dont know how to have this reviewed?



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Did you find an answer to your probleme?

I have the exact same probleme here, but impossible to find out anywhere what we need to do to solve the probleme,

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Adding contact details is an important part of getting your merchant center approved. You can create a separate Contact Us page and add details like phone number, address or email ID or any two of these details. 

To make things easier for you we have developed an app Easy Google Shopping Feed App by AdNabu for Shopify, which will help you detect such issues even before Google detects and disapproves your products. You can fix those issues and save your products from getting disapproved. There are also other features which are going to reduce a lot of your efforts and time. 

Please let me know if you face any issues, your feedback will be appreciated.

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