Google App doesn't let me show my product reviews in Google Shopping ads

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Hi, our store is using the official - Google app by Shopify which created the product feed in Google Merchant Center. However, it looks like the app uses a custom Shopify ID instead of the SKUs so the product reviews are not showing because they use the SKUs as an identifier. We don't have GTIN or any other identifier, it must be the SKU.

Does anyone know how can I fix this? Use the SKUs instead of the Shopify ID.  I wouldn't want to use another app for the feed if possible. I'm sure there are more people having the same issue, but I can't find anything here. I contacted support and they don't know either. Thanks!

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With my application, you can change the default Shopify_us_321321_16313 id format to the SKU values.

If you want to test it out, you can contact me by clicking on the link under my name on the left.

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