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Hi Everyone,


I added the google shopping app to my shopify store and my products have been pending approval on the google for 2 to 3 weeks now. Why is that? I checked my merchant account and they are listed. Also, I created a campaign in shopify but I'm not even sure if it is working. It isn't showing any charges being made against the campaign. 

Another question I have is related to geographical area. My company is located in Australia but we base everything on USD. How can I have my google shopping app target Australia? At the moment it is listing the target market as the United States.Capture.PNG

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1) Using content API you need if the option is available submit the data for Australia. From experience the Shopify Google Shopping app does not support this.

You will need to use an application that can submit the feed as XML / text delimited, which allows you to add multiple countries in Google Merchant Center. However this will not provide you with much traffic. Non dedicated feeds will only give you 10% traffic.

This is because Google favors local feeds (dedicated feeds) ie: where the language and currency matches the target country for the feed and website.

So in your case, the website must be AUD not USD for Australia.


The only way if you want to keep USD store, is to setup a second store just with AUD.


With regards to pending status. Go to Google Merchant Center > Products > Diagnostics and check if there are any issues.


Hope this helps.

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