Google Shopping Not Claiming Site

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Hi, I'm trying to setup the Google Shopping and integrate with Shopify. 

I setup following the instructions on the screen but when I link to the Google Merchant account, the app keeps running the circle of claiming a website.

I've already claimed the website to the account as you can see from the screenshot below. So I don't know what to do.

How can I get this to work? Thanks


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Shopify 20200813.png

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Please try to clear the cache or try using the browser in incognito mode to see if that resolved the issue. My Google Channel doesn't work in normal browser.

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Go to Google Merchant Center > top right corner > wrench > business information > website (tab)

If the installation option is there, choose HTML TAG. Copy the tag and go to Shopify theme editor and add it to the theme.liquid file in the header.

Then verify and claim within Google Merchant Center.

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This is an accepted solution.

Hi everyone,

I tried the solutions above, but what it ended up working for me is the following step:

- Go to Google Merchant and finish the setup by creating a manual product

- Then go back to Shopify Google Channel tool and Disconnect the Merchant account

- Uninstall the Google Channel app

- Then re-install the Google Channel app

- Follow the instructions again and connect to the Merchant account that is setup previously with the claim of the domain completed

- Then voila, it works.