Google Shopping Sales Channel Price Mismatch Errors

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Hello, i've switched from the old google shopping app to the newer channel. 

However now Google is starting to disapprove my items. 

The issue is Price mismatch. 

Many of my products have size or color variants with different prices. It appears shopify is sending the correct prices to the google merchant feed but when Google checks my website they are only using the price for the 1st variant and that's causing price mismatch. 

Example:  T-shirt Blue is $20

                 T-shirt Red is $25

Data is sent to the google feed. 

Google checks my site and says the $25 item is $20 and then they disapprove the 2nd variant for price mismatch. 


They are slowly disapproving all secondary variants of my products .  Is there anything that can be done? 

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I am experiencing the very same problem.

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The same. Very very very annoying. I'm going crazy changing every **** day the price in the feed.

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Im experiencing the exact same problem, did you solve this?


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Anyone solve this? Going through the same thing...

Me too!! This thread is almost 3 years old and no answer/fix? 

I also am getting flagged on google for not having gender data, but the bulk product update interface is not letting me set this field, and I really don't want to have to update each product individually.