Google Shopping app: Missing USPS First Class, Incorrect Shipping Rates, and Incorrect Taxes

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I've been using Shopify's Google Shopping app for a while now, and there are a few shortcomings that I am trying to resolve, or at least confirm whether they are possible or not. I've been working with support, but it's slow going. Does anyone have any experience with these issues?



  • The app automatically syncs Shipping Services. I have a few products that are small enough customers will choose USPS First Class Package. However, this shipping service does not sync from Shopify to Merchant Center. Only Priority Mail and UPS Ground sync. The result is a price that is too high on some products.
  • The app syncs these shipping methods as carrier rates, but does not apply anything to the "adjust by" field. Because of this, my rates displayed on Google Shopping are significantly higher than what a customer actually pays. Is it possible to apply Shopify's discounted rates to these shipping methods?



  • It seems like Shopify periodically overwrites my Tax settings and applies "Google calculated sales tax" to all 50 states. In reality, I don't charge sales tax to every state. I can remove the extras in Merchant Center, but I'm unsure when these are being reset -- maybe when my shipping settings sync?


Also, I realize there are other apps out there to handle this. I may move to something else if these can't be resolved, but they all seem like fairly obvious things that the app should account for, so maybe I'm just missing something?






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Yes this sounds correct how the Shopify app works. Only the expensive shipping info is synced.


If you like to add all shipping details, you will need to use a non Content API system. For example my application sync's products using a text delimited file. This means you can setup courier based shipping in Google Merchant Center Shipping UI. Instead of having an app sync data.

You can't create your own shipping settings when using content API, as Shopify overwrites the settings.



Yes as with shipping settings, Shopify will overwrite any custom tax and shipping settings created in Google Merchant Center UI.

Instead you need to use a non Content API system, and use a static URL data feed. You can then set your own settings.


Moving from your existing feed system to my application will allow you to keep the same product id, so all historic ranking is kept.


There are ofcourse other application, so while I answered and suggest my management tool, you should check other tools and see which ones fit your requirements.


Hope this helps.

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Hey Tim, 

Hope you are doing well.

Yes, we see that a lot of our customers face these issues with tax and shipping. In order to fix these issues, we have developed an app Easy Google Shopping by AdNabu. a lot of tasked related to tax and shipping is automated in this app.

Tax: We will create tax rates for every single state of the US in Google Merchant Center. We support destination-based tax rates as well as manual tax rates.

Shipping: Our app will automatically fetch your settings from Shopify & create Shipping rates in Google Merchant Center automatically. We support weight-based, price-based as well as carrier-based shipping charges.

Please let us know your feedback. 

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