Gooten email intergration

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My store uses Gooten for fulfillment, and I am confused about how the email notification system works.

My question is: When my item is shipped, where will my customer receive the shipping notification from? From Gooten's mail services or from Shopify with my email domain? I mean: will the email be from or (I have purchased my own domain and set it up for my Shopify emails). Currently, the order confirmation email is sent to my customer from Shopify.

On my "order" page, it shows "Gooten: Print On Demand sent a shipping confirmation email..." to my customer's email.

On Gooten instruction page, they say: "Once the order is marked as fulfilled in our system, Shopify will automatically pull the shipping information from our system and send a shipping notification email to your customer."

Anyone with experience with Gooten please help. Thank you.