GraphQL | Billing API | Activate charge mutation is missing?

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We're implementing a recurring subscription via GraphQL.

These are the steps we're taking:

1. We're calling the "appSubscriptionCreate" mutation

2. Redirecting the user to the returnUrl

3. After the user approves the subscription, he's being redirected to a page of ours with "charge_id" as a param

4. We're supposed to activate the subscription using "charge_id", but I don't see a relevant GraphQL endpoint, only a "REST" endpoint.


Is there an "activate" endpoint in GraphQL?


Thank you.

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I was searching for this information too, however I stumbled upon this blog post ( that says all subscription charges through the GraphQL api are automatically activated by Shopify.

All charges are now automatically activated by Shopify, removing the need for app developers to activate charges after they are approved by merchants