Greasemonkey script to make the partner page more useful

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I'd found the partners page a bit unnerving, and wrote a quick gresemoneky script to format it more to my liking and thought I'd share.

You can get it here.

Changes are:

  • Splits things out into groups so active, canceled, etc. don't all get lumped together
  • Adds totals for each group (i.e. total revenue for active customers)
  • Removes the status colum since that's now show by the grouping
  • Removes duplicate entries, keeping only the most recent status
  • Removes the "app details" box on the right (in our case the column payments column was overflowing into it) and makes the payments list wider to fill its space
  • Removes test transactions

The first two were the major annoyances for me -- inability to see how many live sales were there and inability to quickly spot accounts that had changed their status (i.e. we didn't notice when cancelations happened)

Directed Edge recommendations app for Shopify:
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Shopify Staff
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Isn't that amazing what can be done with JavaScript! Holy!

Thank you, Scott. Edward will no doubt see this soon, he keeps an eye on this part of the forums, and always wants to improve things.

Thanks for sharing! You're awesome!

Caroline from ∴ mllegeorgesand AT gmail DOT com