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I am trying to find an app so I can create grouped products. This isn't necessarily a bundle, but it is a product group, acting as its own product, which will also track the inventory of the individual items. 

I have found this app (, which is close to what I want, as you create a new product then link seperate products to it, however the issue what I have with it, is that you need to create a price for that bundle, rather than it automatically doing it for you (as you can set discounts on the bundle). Along with that issue, you can't hide the quanity fields on the product, so it looks like the customer can increase/descrease the individual items. 

I just simply want to create a kit/bundle/group, which is seen in the Catalogue, but will track the inventory of those individual products. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @zakecho 

I'd recommend you try the Bundles app, which is developed by Gazebo. Here are some  information that may interest you:

Bundles, which is developed by Gazebo, is one of the most utility apps to provide you with the remarkable features to sell more products by bundling them. First and foremost, it is believed that Bundles makes the bundling process super simple. You don’t need to make changes to your template or liquid files because this app is responsible for the whole process in an automatic way. Secondly, the reason many users choose to install Bundles instead of other competitors is that it has the ability to set tiered pricing for multipacks. If you have plenty of bundles in your store, you will find it convenient because of this widget. It can set the price for each package base on whether each item in that package is expensive or not. Thirdly, Bundles help you to reduce the inventory out of date. When your items are bundled, you are able to sell more so that the amount of the inventory will be decreased. Furthermore, you can use this app to track the inventory easily. Finally, Bundles can sync your inventory for the bundles automatically. Install this app now to have more great experiences.

Highlight features

  • Make the bundle products process super simple
  • Tiered pricing for multipacks widget
  • Keep your inventory up to date
  • Automatically sync your inventory for the bundles
  • Allow you to track the inventory easily

Price: From $14/month. 10-day free trial.

Besides this app, we also have a list of Best Shopify Product Bundles Apps incase you do not like the Bundles app by Gazebo.

Hope it's useful for you.


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Hi @zakecho,

Nick here from Shopify. 

This is a really good question but is best answered by taking a look at all of the product bundle apps and seeing if they can do what you need them to. It could be worth reaching out to the developers of the Advanced Bundle Products ( app directly to see if this is a feature they could get added or implemented. You can see some of the other popular product bundle apps below to see if you resonate with them: 

Something else which could potentially work for you is a lock feature app. A lock app would keep certain products, pages or many different things locked on your store for people visiting from a different country, You can see some of the lock style feature apps below: 

Do you think something like this could work for you also? 

All the best, Nick

Nick | Community Moderator @ Shopify 
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Hello Nick,

Thank you for your response. I been through the bundles and none seem to be
what we require and I have already been in contact with the developers at
Advanced Bundle Products and their suggestion was to use css to manipulate
the customers view.

What we essentially need, is more of a 'package' builder than a bundle. We
don't need people to have addons to their orders, more that we can create a
package, which acts as its own product then when a customer purchases a
package, it will update the individual inventory items.

Other ecommerce platforms have solutions for this and find it surprising
that shopify doesn't appear to have a solution. Here is an example from
Woocommerce, which may be better to get what I am looking for. (under assembled

Thanks for your help and any other advice would be appreciated.
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Hi @zakecho,

Thanks for your reply and going into more detail on this for me. I see more what you mean now, you want it to be one product essentially, but have the different inventory values of the products deducted when the 'bundle' is sold for example. Other than one of the bundle apps listed above, the only other way I could see this being potentially possible is to have something custom made for you. It's not something I have heard of personally, but it might be worth reaching out to a Shopify Expert about making something custom for you for this. You can see the Shopify Expert directory for custom apps here

Something else I will do is submit this as a feature request on your behalf to the development team for the future. I see exactly what you mean and how this could help your business going forward. If you could reply and tell me all the ways this could benefit you and your business, it will definitely help. 

Nick | Community Moderator @ Shopify 
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I've endlessly searched for the same thing and can't find it. Looked at configuring it somehow in discounts but can't. It's as basic as grouping multiple products together and selling the package along with providing a direct link to the package that could be used on ad platforms like facebook as "Purchase this, this, and this together and save 40% on all three! Click here to purchase" and the link goes directly to add to cart for the customer to purchase, not a single item so the user has to manually add the two other items to receive a discount. 


There are many bundle apps but none offer this from what I've seen.

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App Selly can help you to create bundle, here are its demo:


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I know what you are trying to do. You need this format:

One Nation Bundle 4,31733036679241:1,31733028323401:1,31731644596297:1

That's what you are trying to do right? Push the customer directly to the cart...right?

This will take you direct to my store's checkout and the products that I chose will be in the cart. The format is the variant id{ not the product id} and the number after the colon is the quantity of that product...then place a comma and repeat until you have the products and the quantity you want. 

1.} Go to your shopify backend and choose the first product that you want to have in the cart.

2.} In the url field, type .xml at the end.

3.} Look for "<id type=integer">example number here123456789</id>" whatever that number is, copy it, add a colon and the quantity that you want the customer to purchase.

4.} Do this for all of your remaining products remember to add a comma after each, variant id:quantity,variant id:quantity,variant id:quantity, and so on. The link should look like this: id:quantity,variant id:quantity,variant id:quantity

                                     /1234567:1,4516825:1,38618764:3 <--this will put three of whatever this last item is in the cart!

If you have multiple variants{colors, sizes, etc} for a product, you will have to add them that same way. All variant ids can be found in the same file, just keep looking for the little chevron with the word "variant" next to it and copy that id. 



I hope this helps!

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Hi zakecho
I suggest you use Lookbook Shopify App. This tool allows you to create multiple image collections for your products based on the images you upload. What makes “Lookbook” Different?
Bring to customers a product collection just with an image.

  • Lookbook easily works with pinned attachment
  • Help customers save time to buy all products
  • Smooth lookbook slider
  • Friendly operation configuration panel for the administrator
  • Timer setting allows users to apply the time allowance to a lookbook.
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Hi Zakecho,

Did you ever find a solution for this? We are also trying to set up more of a package than a bundle. For example, we sell tools separately but we also want to offer a discounted 'Beginner Kit' at a discounted price. We want to have the 'Beginner Kit' as one product but it will update the inventory for the individual items. Is that what you are looking for? Did you find a solution?